Correction of spinal/pelvic misalignment factors is essential to the alleviation of the neurological imbalance which causes spastic contractures, spinal distortion and center of gravity displacement. One method used by Dr. Aravich to detect and manipulate dysfunctional skeletal regions is the Activator Technique. This system of low force adjustment utilizes a hand­held piston device to deliver a light, quick push to specific tissues, producing movement through a safe, reliable and controlled force. The Activator Method eliminates the possibility of resistance, fear and anticipation that may accompany other adjustments.



This therapy is applied using an electro­mechanical table which uses controlled, rhythmic traction through the action of three large rotating rollers. As the rollers travel along the spine they knead the muscles of your neck, shoulders and back to melt away tension and relax tight muscles. The spinal mobilization and massaging action raises and stretches the spine and pelvis, improving circulation to give you a general feeling of well­being and relaxation as nerves and muscles are stimulated.



Short wavelength medical diathermy uses an electromagnetic field which produces a deeper more comfortable heating pattern. This heating pattern is localized under a lightweight electrode in the form of a drum. Especially important, most of this heat energy is created in the muscles, not the fat, where it can do the most good. This form of deep heat has been shown to raise tissue temperatures up to 105 degrees at a penetration depth of two inches assuring effective therapeutic current to your shoulder, back, chest, ankle, reduce pain and spasm.



With this treatment, tiny amounts of electrical impulses­ felt as a faint “pins and needles” sensation­ are introduced into the injured tissues. Most patients find electro­therapy to be extremely beneficial in relieving painful symptoms and for reducing tissue swelling. This treatment, by increasing muscle metabolism, helps enhance blood flow, relax muscle spasm and increase muscle tone for ligament sprains, muscle sprains and tightness. Electro­therapy is a proven therapeutic modality for the relief of pain and the promotion of soft­tissue healing.



Using the Inertial Extensilizer table, the gentle forces of inertia and momentum perform long axis traction rather than using harnesses and weights. It affords the benefits of inverse gravity therapy without all the problems of hanging upside down. The repetitive acceleration/ deceleration cycle produces a rhythmical, gentle, full­spinal traction force releasing tissue adhesions and nerve root impingement useful in removing contractures, decreasing spinal curvatures and easing muscle spasms. Through its rhythmical pumping action, this treatment also promotes disc integrity and increases tissue elasticity. It is an extremely relaxing feeling since the movement cycle is in harmony with the body’s natural breathing rhythms.