Dr. Frank Aravich



Dr. Aravich provides chiropractic evaluation, diagnosis and conservative  treatment for:  mechanical spinal dysfunctions, disc syndromes, sciatica, headache, neck and back pain, reduced flexibility or muscle spasms, arthritis, poor posture, functional short leg syndrome, fatigue, back symptoms due to advancing pregnancy, spinal curvatures, dizziness, anxiety, upper or lower extremity symptoms, head colds, cramps and much more.


Dr. Aravich, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Northwestern Chiropractic College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been in active practice for over thirty five years.


Licensed in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, California and Hawaii,  Dr. Aravich also practiced in Dundee, Scotland.  He takes pride in providing quality, affordable care in a non-threatening and relaxed atmosphere and has helped countless individuals achieve a better level of health, often after other methods have failed.


According to Dr. Aravich, body balance is key to good health;  when life gets out of balance we suffer physically and mentally.  Through his gentle chiropractic care, Dr. Aravich is prepared to treat the whole person, not just symptoms of discomfort.


In the experienced hands of Dr. Aravich, you will be able to function at peak levels of performance, naturally, without the use of unnecessary medication or surgery.

Realize your health potential with the help of Dr. Aravich.