• ​Open weekdays, except Thursday, by appointment.

  • No cost initial consultation.

  • Gentle care for children and seniors.

  • ​No insurance needed.

  • Ample free parking and just minutes from St. Clair Hospital.

  • ​Chiropractic adjustment of the musculo-skeletal framework

  • Adjunctive physiotherapy            (stretching, passive motion, traction, deep heat, electro-stim, trigger point release)

  • Necessary dietary advice

  • Exercise and self- help

  • Supportive measures


"Our whole family highly recommends chiropractic treatment. The money that has been spent over the years on both doctor office visits and prescriptions is tremendous. Chiropractic has eased or even eliminated some symptoms through treatment of the actual cause. Had I given chiropractic a chance years ago, it would have saved a large amount of money for myself, as well as my insurance carriers." H.L.I., RN